Here are a few projects that I've been fortunate enough to have worked on over the years 



"Nashville Outlaws" - A Tribute to Motley Crue" (L)

Alterbridge "Blackbird"  (DS)

Aaron Lewis - "Grandaddy's Gun" (L)

Ali Morgan - Singles "Firefly Curfew" (W) (PUB)  "Secrets Too Good to Keep" (W)   (PUB) "Jump" (W)  (A)  (PUB)  "Fogging Up My Brain"  (A) "Paperback Boy" (A) 

American Idol Winner Nick Fradiani (L)

Ashton Gill "Baby Come On" (P) "Could of Been You" (P) "See this World (W)

Brantley Gilbert - "Just as I Am" (L)

Cassadee Pope - "Frame by Frame" (L)

Crystal Yates (A)

Danielle Bradbury - "Self titled" (L)

Drake White - "It Feels Good" (L)

Eli Young Band - "10,000" Towns (L)

Florida Georgia Line - "Anything Goes" (L)

Glen Campbell "I'll Be Me" (L)

Gord Bamford - Singles "Christmas in the Sun" (W) (PUB)

Headbangers Ball Vol. 2  (DS)

James Hewitt- Singles "Hope It Stays The Same"(PW)   "What Mothers Do"(P) "The Fighter" (PW)   "Jack and the Six Shooter" (P)  (A)   (PUB)

Joe Diffie - Singles "As Long as there's a Bar" (O) (A)

Justin Moore - Off the Beatin' Path (L)

Ludacris "Theater of the Mind" (DS)

Maddie & Tae - Singles "Girl in a Country Song" (L)

Metallica "Death Magnet" (DS)

Nashville "Season 1-2" (L)

Rascal Flatts -  "Rewind" "PaybacK" (L)

Reba - "Love Somebody" (L)

Steven Tyler - Single "Red, White & You"  (L)

SUPR KYD - Records "A Lo Fi Experience" (PW)   "Lo Folk"  (PW)  (A)   (PUB) "Pocket Knife Feat. Philip Bowen  (PW)  (A)  (PUB)

"Interstellar" (PW)  (A)

Taylor Swift - 1989 (L)

The Band Perry -  "Pioneer" (L)

The Last Ride - Albums "Self Titled, "Malibu" (PW) (A)  (PUB)

The Mavericks - Albums "In Time" Mono" (L)

Thomas Rhett - Album "It Goes Like This" singles "T-Shirt" (L)

Tim Buono - Singles "Anywhere" (P) (A)  "We Are" (PW) (A) (PUB)   "Polaroid" (PW)   "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (P) (A) "Trucks" (PW)  (A)  (PUB)

Tim McGraw - "Sundown Heaven Town" (L)

Tony Winkler - Singles "Nose Bleeds" (PW)  "Love Is"  (P) "Bobber Bob" (PW) "Next Just One More" (P)  "My Jam" (PW) "Beer Me" (W)  (A)  (PUB)

Travis Yee - Singles "Nothing Fancy" (PW)  (A)   (PUB)

Tucker Beathard - "Rock On" (L)

Tyler Jordan - Singles "2 Wheels 1 Love" (W) "If You Would've Chose Me" (PW) "Take You There" (W)  (A)   (PUB)

Voltagehawk - (A)

Weezer - Pork & Beans (DS)

Zack Dyer - Singles "All American" (W) Wishful Drinkin' (W) "POS" (W)  (A)  (PUB)

Video Games 

Country Dance 2 - Nintendo Wii - The Last Ride "Take You Down" (W)

Country Dance All Stars - XBOX - The Last Ride "Take You Down" (W)


The Author - Ashton Gill "See This World" (W)

Heart of Wilderness - The Last Ride  "In the Cornfield" (W) IMDB

The Last Ride - "Take You Down" - Official Music Video (PW) (A) "Midwest Girls" (PW) (A)

Tim Buono - "Polaroid" - Official Music Video (PW) (A)

James Hewitt - "Hope it Stays the Same" - Official Music Video (PW)

James Hewitt - "Jack & the Six Shooter" - Official Music Video (P)

Zack Dyer - "Wishful Drinking" - Official Music Video (W) (A)


BIG & J Show Jingle (PW)


ESPN - College Gameday - The Last Ride "Get Ready " (PW)

ESPN - College World Series - The Last Ride "Get Ready " (PW)

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